Wild tuskers wreak havoc in Rajganj’s Hati More adjacent area, residents in panic

Rajganj, 19th February: In recent developments, wild elephants wreaked havoc in the Hati More area adjacent to Rajganj. Since Sunday night, elephants have been spotted wandering in the Ambari area. However, the tuskers were not visible in broad daylight. Consequently, the residents of an area adjacent to Ambari were left in a state of panic.

Local sources revealed that on Sunday night, an adult elephant and a calf entered the said area. The elephants crossed several villages and entered two residential areas. During this, the elephants wreaked havoc in Chakiabhita, Ambari, Sudama Gachh, and Salguri villages. As a result, several crops and houses were damaged.

In this regard, the locals stated that elephants were spotted in the Salguri area on Monday morning, however, later they were untraced. The incident created an atmosphere of panic in the area. Later, they spotted the elephants again in Tut Bagan of the Hati More area.

Upon receiving the news, the cops of Rajganj police station and Forest Personnel of Ambari Range arrived at the spot and were engaged in efforts to send the tuskers back to the forest.

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