Two women seriously injured after being buried in pipeline pit while soil digging in Rajganj, TMC leaders took stock of the area 

Rajganj, 21st December: On Tuesday, two women were seriously injured after being buried in the soil while fetching soil from the pit of the pipeline. After which TMC leaders took stock of the area. Today Binnaguri Gram Panchayat head Shashi Chandra Barman, Binnaguri Regional President Samijuddin Ahmed, Vijay Das and many other leaders visited the spot. 


It is to be noted that the work of digging a gas pipeline is going on in the Laxmijamadargachh area of Rajganj. On Tuesday afternoon, three women from Balaram Power grade area had gone to collect soil from the pit of the pipeline. While fetching the soil two of the women named Meena Paswan and Veena Paswan accidentally got buried. Hearing the screams of the other woman, the people around reached the spot and after a lot of effort,  both were rescued from the pit and were sent to North Bengal Medical College and Hospital. 


In this regard, the local leaders reached today at the spot and said that they have arrived to take an inspection and know the details about the accident that took place yesterday. They alleged that the agency which is operating is not working in the area with proper security and also cited towards the probability of accidents that will likely take place in the coming days. They further assured to have a word with the agency so that both the injured get proper treatment. 


On the other hand, the site- in-charge Anit Kumar Jha told that some women in the area have been injured due to illegal soil digging. He stated that they had repeatedly asked them not to dig the soil, but they did not agree. He further stated that local leaders had come and talked about giving right medical assistance to the injured of which he notified to his higher officials as well.

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