Two teens drown in Cooch Behar’s Torsha River, bodies recovered near Paglar Ghat

Cooch Behar, 11th May: The bodies of two teenagers who tragically drowned in the Torsha River in Cooch Behar have been recovered near Paglar Ghat of No. 4 area under Cooch Behar No. 1 Block. The deceased have been identified as Vikram Das (14) and Dev Das (14).

It is to recall, on Wednesday, three friends named Vikram Das, Dev Das, and Indrajit Sarkar, residents of Natun Pally area under Guriahati Gram Panchayat No. 02, had gone to bathe in the Torsha Ghat near No. 1 Kalighat area. During their outing, Indrajit Sarkar managed to come out of the river after bathing, but Vikram Das and Dev Das were swept away by the strong water current. Despite extensive search efforts in the river, they could not be located. Later that night, Vikram Das’s lifeless body was found floating in the Pagalar Ghat area, and the authorities immediately informed the local Kotwali police. Upon receiving the news, the police swiftly arrived at the scene and successfully recovered Vikram Das’s body. 

Additionally, this morning, members of the civil defence team conducted a search in the same area and tragically discovered the body of Dev Das. Both bodies have been retrieved and transferred to the MJN Medical College and Hospital for postmortem.

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