Traders express concerns over food lane construction on SF Road in Siliguri

Siliguri, 08th July: The construction of a new food lane on SF Road, initiated by the Siliguri Municipal Corporation (SMC), has sparked discontent among local traders. Mayor Gautam Deb visited the area on Monday to inspect the progress of the food lane project, which includes the installation of 20 food stalls, lighting systems, benches, and the planting of trees for beautification.

The food lane is set to be located opposite the Siliguri fire station, where several flower shops and other stores are situated. Local traders have voiced their concerns, fearing that the placement of food stalls in front of their shops will lead to significant business losses.

During the mayor’s visit, the aggrieved traders discussed their issues with him. In response, Mayor Deb assured them that a meeting would be held at the Municipal Corporation to address their concerns. He also confirmed that the food stalls would not be installed directly in front of the shops, aiming to mitigate the potential negative impact on the traders’ businesses.

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