Tension ensued due to the movement of Uttarbanga Vishwavidyalay Bachao Manch during the Education Minister’s visit 

Siliguri, 21st December; Alleging land privatization of North Bengal University to private institutions, Uttarbanga Vishwavidyalaya Bachao Manch has joined the movement. Tension ensued regarding the movement of Uttarbang Vishwavidyalaya Bachao Manch. 


Reportedly, before the arrival of the Education Minister today, Vishwavidyalaya Bachao Manch started protesting by placing a mic in front of the administrative building of the university. After this, the security guards stopped the protesters which led to an argument between the protesters and the security personnel. 


It is alleged that a member of Trinamool Chhatra Parishad assaulted a professor and students affiliated with Zameen Bachao Manch. A student of the protestor was injured in the incident. Later, the security personnel brought the situation under control. Apart from registering a complaint at the police station, the protesters said that the entire incident would be informed to the Education Minister. 


Today, when the Education Minister entered the university, the protesters expressed their anger at the Education Minister. However, the Education Minister clarified that the land is not being transferred. On the other hand, Mithun Baishya from Trinamool Chhatra Parishad said that the allegations are a completely baseless and alleged conspiracy of outsiders trying to create a problem at the university.

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