Teesta River Floods: SMC prepared for crisis, states Siliguri Mayor

Siliguri, 15th June: Continuous rains in Sikkim have led to a severe flood situation, with the Teesta River swelling dangerously and affecting various parts of North Bengal. In response, the Siliguri Municipal Corporation (SMC) has prepared to handle the crisis, as confirmed by Siliguri Mayor Gautam Deb after an emergency meeting on Saturday.

Following the lifting of election restrictions, Mayor Deb resumed the ‘Talk to Mayor’ program, which was followed by an urgent meeting to address the flood situation. The meeting was attended by Deputy Mayor Ranjan Sarkar, Members of the Mayor’s Council, and other officials.

Mayor Deb highlighted that the relentless rains in Sikkim have caused the Teesta River’s water level to exceed the danger mark. To manage the floodwaters, the lock gate has been opened, resulting in debris and other materials floating downstream and causing additional challenges. Despite these difficulties, the SMC is fully prepared to manage the situation.

To ensure the availability of drinking water, the Mayor announced that water tanks would be deployed in the affected wards. If needed, water pouches will also be distributed with assistance from the Public Health Engineering (PHE) department.

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