Suspecting infidelity man beheads wife and dumps into canal in Siliguri’s Phansidewa

Siliguri, 05th January: Sensation prevailed after a case of a murder near Phansidewa under Siliguri division came to light. Suspecting his wife of an illicit affair, a man killed her and threw her mutilated body into the canal. 

The deceased has been identified as Renuka Khatoon and the accused husband as MD Ansarul. They were married for 6 years and lived in Dadabhai Colony. On December 24, the family members of the deceased lodged a missing report at the police station. Based on the complaint, the Siliguri police engaged in the investigation interrogated Renuka’s husband on Wednesday night. 

During interrogation, the police got suspicious of him and started to grill him for answers. Eventually, MD Ansarul broke down and admitted to his crime and said that he killed his wife Renuka Khatoon suspecting her of infidelity. On December 24, he took his wife to Phansidewa on the pretext of taking her out for a walk. After this, he killed her with a knife and beheaded her. Later the torso and head were put in two different sacks and thrown into the canal. 

The disaster management team have been searching for the dead body in the canal since this morning. On the other hand, the accused has been produced in the Siliguri court. The accused will be taken into police custody.

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