"Social Workers" of Gate Bazar Welfare Vyabsayi Samiti miserably fail to manage crowd while distributing free ration in Siliguri, Police forced to intervene

Siliguri, 08th April: Siliguri along with the entire country is under 21-day lockdown to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus. In this regard, many voluntary organizations, social workers, businessmen, police personnel and journalists are coming forward to help the needy by distributing rations, cooked meals, safety gear and others.
Likewise, the Gate Bazar Welfare Vyabsayi Samiti started distributing ration among the needy, today. A large number of people gradually started crowding for the free ration violating the government guidelines of social distance.

As the social workers of Gate Bazar Welfare Vyabsayi Samiti miserably failed to manage the crowd, the NJP police were forced to intervene and the ration distribution was discontinued. Several people expressed outrage towards the Gate Bazar Welfare Vyabsayi Samiti as they were unable to collect the free ration and felt deceived.

The move surrounds the Gate Bazar Welfare Vyabsayi Samiti with allegations and accusations of violating government guidelines in the name of "social work".

Both the Central and State governments have strictly advised all to maintain social distancing to slow the spread of coronavirus. State Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, herself, has been witnessed picking up bricks and drawing circles on the road demonstrating how people should maintain social distance. Despite this, the Gate Bazar Welfare Vyabsayi Samiti organized such a programme without keeping these guidelines into consideration.

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