SMC’s civic meeting being converted to a Left-front meeting: Ranjan Sarkar

Siliguri, 03rd March: The Darjeeling district Trinamool Congress President Ranjan Sarkar alleged that no TMC Councillors were invited to the civic meeting of the Siliguri Municipal Corporation and the citizens were also not allowed to voice out their opinions during the meeting.

Sarkar held a meeting at the Darjeeling district office on Tuesday and expressed outrage over the left front board. He condemned the role of BJP and TMC and alleged that both the parties are trying to create unrest in Bengal. He further stated that a large amount of money was allocated by the State Chief Minister to carry out developmental works in SMC. However, the people of the city were deprived of all the facilities. Meanwhile, he also alleged that money is being handed over in various areas before the polls of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS).

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