SMC plans relocation of Gurung Basti Bazaar in Ward No.3

Siliguri, 23rd September: The over-the-road market of Gurung Basti in Ward No.3 of Siliguri Municipal Corporation (SMC) is anticipated to be repositioned. Following a series of complaints, Siliguri Mayor Goutam Deb stated the SMC’s plan to relocate the market.

According to reports, the Gurung Basti market actively trades in fish, meat, and vegetables on the street. As a result, a significant portion of the road has been blocked due to the over-the-road businesses. Compounding the issue, pedestrians encounter difficulties commuting on the road.

On Saturday, Siliguri Mayor Goutam Deb received a complaint from a resident regarding the prolonged traffic problems due to the market in Gurung Basti. Earlier, the mayor expressed his displeasure with the market occupying a significant portion of the road.

In this regard, Mayor Goutam Deb questioned the existence of the market despite the several problems caused by it. In addition, he remarked that the city has been under political siege for years and accused the preceding left board of the ongoing predicament. The mayor further asserted the inconvenience caused to the public despite the construction of a footpath in the region.

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