SMC demolished unauthorized construction on the terrace of a residence in Khudiram Pally

Siliguri, 30th November: The Siliguri Municipal Corporation (SMC), continuing its action against illegal construction in the city, demolished unauthorized construction in Siliguri’s Khudiram Pally. On Thursday, the unauthorized structure constructed on the terrace of a house, including washrooms on the ground was demolished.

According to reports, the structure built with tin on the roof of a house located in the said area was allegedly constructed without proper plans passed by the SMC. In addition, two washrooms were also constructed below. Allegedly, the first and second floors of the building were being used for commercial purposes. Earlier, a notice was sent by the Municipal Corporation urging the owner to bring down the illegal construction. However, upon failure on the part of the owner to demolish the unauthorized structure, the SMC took its own course of action in the presence of police.

Meanwhile, there stands a medicine store below the building, and medicines and medical equipment are stored on the top two floors. Regarding this, the businessmen have sought time for removal from the Municipal Corporation. Later, Bengal Chemist and Druggist Association (BCDA) Secretary Vijay Gupta arrived at the spot and spoke to the police and SMC engineers.

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