SJDA Chairman Initiates Revamp: Baribasha VIP Road repair works set in motion

Siliguri, 05th March: The Siliguri-Jalpaiguri Development Authority (SJDA) Chairman Sourav Chakraborty laid the foundation stone to mark the long-awaited repair work for the Baribhasa VIP Road on Tuesday. Notably, the road had been in a state of disrepair for a long time prompting protests and road blockades by residents demanding immediate renovation.

The event witnessed the presence of the SJDA Vice-Chairman Dilip Dugar, SJDA member Gautam Goswami, and Ward Councillor Ranjan Sil Sharma.

Reports indicate that the repair project will encompass approximately 1400 meters from Jabrabita Underpass to Bhavesh More Petrol Pump, along with the installation of a sewerage system on one side of the road. The initiative has sparked elation among the local resdents, who have eagerly awaited improvements to the roadway in their area.

However, amidst the celebratory atmosphere, tensions emerged as SJDA Chairman Sourav Chakraborty accused local MLA Shikha Chatterjee and her associates of obstructing previous attempts to initiate repair works. Chakraborty asserted that political interference had delayed the project, leaving the road in disrepair.

In response, MLA Shikha Chatterjee refuted these claims, accusing the SJDA Chairman of indulging in “dirty politics.” She countered by highlighting that the road repair project had been tendered prior to the inauguration, raising questions about the funds allocated.

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