Seal stamp of Kisanganj district court judge recovered from Samir Dubey’s house, investigation underway

Siliguri, 13th July: The Detective department recovered Kisanganj district court judge’s seal stamp from the residence of Samir Dubey, who has been accused of extorting 91 lakh rupees from a Siliguri businessman under false pretences. Soon after the seal was recovered, DD suspected that a senior official is involved in the incident.

Meanwhile, Indradev Paswan, a lawyer of Kisanganj court, was arrested from a spa in Siliguri’s City Center on charges of conducting illegal activities. It has been later learned that Sameer Dubey and Indradev Paswan are friends. The DD team will leave for Kisanganj on Wednesday to investigate all these incidents.

According to DD sources, a search was conducted at the house of fake judge Sameer Dubey in the Jyotinagar area adjacent to Sevoke Road in Siliguri. During this, the Kisanganj district court judge’s seal stamp was recovered. Along with this, fake government documents of the auction sealed by the district judge have also been recovered.

The detective department is investigating the recovered stamps and documents. On the other hand, DD is also interrogating Indradev Paswan, who was arrested at the spa case.

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