Schools partially reopen for 9-12 class students in Siliguri

Siliguri, 12th February: The schools, which remained closed since the coronavirus-induced lockdown in March, reopened today for 9-12 class students in Siliguri as per the government’s instructions. 

The students looked very happy to be back in the classrooms. The school compound seemed to be alive and lively with the chatter of students that returned after a long pandemic break. Nonetheless, they have to follow certain safety regulations.

The students are being allowed to enter the classroom only after thermal screening and the wearing of mouth masks has been made compulsory for all. Apart from this, students will not be allowed to stay in groups. Physical distance will also be maintained in the classroom. School teachers will also be on alert to help the students.

Meanwhile, the students’ parents and guardians expressed concern however they hoped that the teachers in the school will keep an eye on their children. The parents too seemed very happy about sending their children to school after such a long time.

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