Sanjiv Chakraborty files a case against the Siliguri railway management

Siliguri, 21st February: Sanjiv Chakraborty, a resident of Siliguri and a lawyer by profession, has filed a case, with the help of another lawyer, Hilol Saha Poddar, against the Siliguri railway management in the Jalpaiguri Circuit Bench. Sanjiv alleged that several railway stations do not use the Bengali language during the announcement made in the loudspeakers. He further alleged that the railway station screen boards do not display the information in Bengali.

Due to such incidents, the people who are not familiar with other languages are facing a lot of difficulties. Sanjiv Chakraborty further stated that he had informed the officers of the North-Eastern Border Railway several times in this regard, but no steps have been taken so far.

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