Salesian College Siliguri Campus team wins Taverna Trophy Cup

Siliguri, 28th March: Taverna Trophy, the biggest basketball tournament in North Bengal, was organized on March 26 by Siliguri Salesian college. 
Ten colleges from across North Bengal and Sikkim namely Inspiria, St. Joseph’s college, Salesian College Sonada, Salesian College Siliguri, Sikkim Manipal University, St. Xavier’s college, Indian Institute of Legal Studies, Pedong college, Siliguri college, and South Field college participated in the tournament. In the final face-off, The Taverna Trophy was won by the Salesian College Siliguri Campus team. 
The college also simultaneously hosted Salesian Master, an inter-school and inter-college chess tournament in the Don Bosco block, Siliguri Campus with a total number of 165 participants from West Bengal, Sikkim, and Bihar. Along with the students the tournament was open to the teachers as well.
It is to be noted that the Taverna Trophy is named after Father Paolos Taverna, an Italian Priest and pioneer of Don Bosco School and Savio Oratory which later was upgraded to Salesian College Siliguri, Savio block in today’s college infrastructure.

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