Rs 5 lakh recovered from a car during Naka checking near Siliguri's Don Bosco More

Siliguri, 25th March: Bhaktinagar police of the Siliguri Metropolitan Police recovered five lakh rupees from a car during Naka checking near Don Bosco More, on Thursday. Two people were detained.

Reportedly, two detained Ajit Kumar Chaudhary and Mantosh Yadav are the residents of Dalkhola, Bihar.

According to police sources, both Ajit and Mantosh were standing beside a car for a long time in the area, this morning. Bhaktinagar police grew suspicious of the duo and searched the said car, during which they recovered five lakh rupees from a bag kept under the driver's seat. After which both were detained.

Following this, the Election Commission was also informed about the incident. The two detained were released after hours of interrogation and have been asked to present valid documents of said money. The police have seized the money under the Code of Conduct Rules during the elections.

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