Residents in Rajganj protest poor road conditions, threaten election boycott

Rajganj, 31st May: The residents of Nayabari village in Panikauri Gram Panchayat, under Rajganj block, have taken to the streets to protest against the deplorable condition of the road that has been neglected for over 15 years. Frustrated by the lack of attention from elected leaders, the villagers have announced their intention to boycott the upcoming elections.

The dilapidated road has been causing numerous hardships for the local population, who rely on it for daily commuting. The deteriorating conditions have severely impacted transportation, making it difficult for children to attend school and patients to access healthcare facilities. Moreover, during the rainy season, waterlogging exacerbates the situation, further hampering movement in the area.

The villagers claim that politicians had made promises to repair the road prior to the elections. However, no action has been taken thus far, leaving the community disillusioned. In light of this, the residents have demanded immediate road repairs before the scheduled Panchayat elections. They have warned that if their demands are not met, they will boycott all future elections.

Local panchayat member Naresh Roy acknowledged the repeated complaints lodged by the villagers regarding the road’s condition. Roy added that the concerned department has also been notified about the issue. However, the lack of progress and the reasons behind the delay remain unclear. Roy assured that he would bring the matter to the attention of higher officials for swift action.

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