Raju Bista campaigned in support of BJP Chopra assembly candidate Shaheen Akhtar

MP Raju Bista accompanied by Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Rajiv Banerjee participated in a roadshow in support of BJP candidate Shaheen Akhtar from the Chopra assembly constituency for the 6th phase of the upcoming elections. Following the roadshow, he joined senior BJP leader Syed Shahnawaz Hussain and party activists in a public interaction campaign.

While campaigning, Bista stated, that the Chopra assembly constituency is one of the most deprived regions of the country, people of the said constituency do not have access to basic amenities like clean drinking water, sewerage, sanitation facilities, roads and proper housing.

He further alleged that none of the central government schemes, including facilities for senior citizens and facilities for Divyangjan have been implemented in Chopra by the TMC government, thus “depriving lakhs of people”.

MP Bista alleged that, under the TMC misrule, 8 tea gardens in the region have been shut down making over 15,000 people unemployed. He further said the condition of roads in Chopra is worst, despite being situated in the important Chicken Neck region.

Later in a statement released by MP Bista, he said instead of fulfilling the basic needs of the people in general, TMC has chosen to “appease a few powerful politicians” and given them a free hand to indulge in corruption, “tolabazi and violence”, which has deliberately deprived the people and the marginalized are left to fend for themselves without any support from the government.

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