Protest in Siliguri against burning of Bhaichung Bhutia's effigy

Siliguri, 11th June: A statement of Baichung Bhutia sparked controversy in Sikkim. Amid the protest, the effigies of Bhutia were also burnt. Condemning the event, the football lovers in Siliguri today demanded Sikkim's Chief Minister PS Golay take strict action against those who burnt the effigy of the former Indian football captain.


As per the information, CM Golay funded Rs 500 crore for the construction of a new hospital in Sikkim. Taking a jibe at the CM, Bhaichung Bhutia had issued a statement saying that a huge sum of money was invested for the construction of a new hospital. Instead, it would have been better if the CM had distributed Rs 10,000 each to the poor vehicle drivers and farmers of the state and helped them, especially amid the ongoing pandemic. The statement sparked turmoil in Sikkim. Protests and burning of the effigies of Baichung Bhutia soon followed.

Meanwhile, the members of the Siliguri Football Players Association protested by wearing a black band in their arms and demanded strict action against those who burnt the effigies.

Siliguri Football Players Association member Khokan Bhattacharya called the burning of Bhaichung Bhutia's effigy, who is considered as the God of the Indian football team, to be a very shameful and sad event for football lovers. He demanded strict action against those involved in the act.

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