People queue up a night in advance for COVID vaccine at Siliguri's Ward No. 45

Siliguri, 24th July: Since Friday night, long queues were spotted at various health centres in the city for COVID vaccination. A similar scenario was witnessed last night at a vaccination centre in Ward No. 45.

Apparently, the health department had informed that vaccines would be given on Saturday at the vaccination centre of the said ward. Upon receiving the news, the local people waited outside the centre from 11 pm on Friday night.

A person who came to get vaccinated said that earlier too, he did not receive the vaccine. Making sure he does not miss his chance again, he decided to wait a night in advance outside the vaccination centre.

News of people demonstrating at various vaccination centres in Siliguri has been surfacing time and again. Furthermore, the common people are being harassed over COVID vaccination. The concerned authorities blame the shortage of vaccines for the chaos.

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