Passenger, robber fall of train during robbery attempt in Naxalbari

Naxalbari, 10th June: An alarming incident came to the fore where a robber and a passenger woman fell off the train during an alleged robbery attempt. The incident occurred on the intercity express from Siliguri to Katihar ahead of the Naxalbari station.

As per reports, the woman, Kakali Mandal, a resident of Sukanta Pally in Islampur, and her husband were returning home after medical treatment. However, when the husband left for the lavatory on the train, a robber grabbed the woman’s bag in an attempt to loot. During this, both of them accidentally fell from the moving train and the robber managed to flee.

Meanwhile, the husband pulled the emergency chain and the train was put to a halt. Later, the injured woman was transported to the Naxalbari Hospital and sent to the Siliguri District Hospital after first aid. At present, the Railway law enforcement is engaged in further investigation of the incident.

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