Parcel explodes in Pradhan Nagar Post Office, investigation underway

Siliguri, 28th July: Sensation prevailed after a parcel suddenly exploded at the Pradhan Nagar Post Office near Siliguri Champasari area.

Upon receiving the news, the Pradhan Nagar Police, an official of Siliguri Police Commissionerate and the Dog Squad reached the spot shortly after. Each parcel is being thoroughly searched with the help of a metal detector.

According to post office sources, the parcel kept inside the office exploded out of nowhere. Luckily non of the postal staff were injured. The matter was immediately reported to the local police station. The Siliguri Police Commissionerate has launched an investigation into the incident.

In this context, Kunwar Bhushan Singh, DCT (West) of Siliguri Police Commissionerate, stated that the parcel arrived from Amritsar. The person who came to pick up the parcel has been detained for interrogation. The CID Bomb Squad team will arrive soon.

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