Optopic steps up to free Jorapani River and Fuleswari River of dirt

Siliguri, 05th February: People throwing the garbage in the river is a common sight in the city. Also, the city’s high drain ends up in the river. Amidst this, Optopic, an environment-friendly organization from Siliguri, has stepped up to conserve the two important rivers flowing in the city – Jorapani River and Fuleswari River. A press conference was organized on behalf of Optopic at Siliguri Journalists Club, today.

Addressing the reporters, the members of the ‘Optopic’ stated that the Jorapani River and Fuleswari River have started losing their identity due to pollution and filth. In this context, an initiative has been taken on behalf of the ‘Optopic’ with the cooperation of Ichhebari. They further stated that the identity of the rivers can only be restored with the intervention of the Government and awareness raised among the people.

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