“No sign of sexual assault” – GRP SP Jaspreet Singh holds press briefing over death of minor Ginni Bishwakarma

Siliguri, 09th February: Amid the uproar over the alleged rape and murder of a minor in Oodlabari, GRP SP Jaspreet Singh held a press conference in Siliguri on Wednesday.

According to the GRP SP, the body of 16-year-old Ginni Bishwakarma was tragically found on January 26 at the New Mal GRPS area near Oodlabari railway track. As the body was found severely injured and mutilated, an Unnatural Death case was registered at the police station. On January 28, the family of the minor lodged a complaint at the police station holding 19-year-old Gopal Rai responsible for the girl’s death by possible suicide. 

An operation was immediately launched and the accused was arrested on January 30. He was kept in police custody for 3 days for interrogation. The accused is currently under judicial custody.

SP Jaspreet Singh stated that according to the autopsy report received today, the case has been remarked to be “accidental in nature; run over by train”. He said that the press conference is being held to clear any misinformation or rumours being spread in regards to the case.

“We are investigating the matter and have arrested the alleged accused within 24 hours. We are planning to charge sheet the case as soon as possible and carry out a custody trial,” Singh added.

Furthermore, the SP said that the deceased might have committed suicide by jumping in front of an oncoming train or might have been run over while crossing the tracks. 

As per the information, the alleged accused and the deceased were in a love affair. SP Singh stated that an argument might have broken out between the lovers leading the girl to commit suicide. In regards to the body being found in a semi-naked state, he stated that the clothes might have been torn after being run over by the train. 

The girl had come to Oodlabari on January 25 to attend a wedding. Singh stated that the two might have met each other then. Allegedly, the girl then went missing after a while. He asserted that the police are investigating the matter gravely.

After the tragic death of Ginni came to light, hundreds of people, social organizations, political figures have come forward demanding justice for the minor and extending their support towards her grieving family. 


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