No regrets after defeat: Harendranath Roy to stand for election as 'Amra Bangali' candidate

Rajganj, 25th February: Harendranath Roy, a resident of Dharagach village in Rajganj, has not given up hope despite losing the assembly elections 7 times. The 65-year-old politician still wishes to stand for re-election as an 'Amra Bangali' (We the Bengali) candidate. He asserted that even if he does not win the elections, he is ready to stand for re-election to present the party's ideologies and policies to the people.

Harendranath Roy, backing the ideals of the party, said that the BJP government at the center and the Trinamool government in the state have not fulfilled any of their made promises to the people. Unemployment is on the rise and the phase of exploitation is going on, he said. He went on to claim that many leaders and ministers are changing the party by considering politics as business.

"I do not stand for elections with the hope of winning, instead, I intend to go to people and inform them about our ideals and policies," he said. Roy further asserted that good people are needed to build a healthy and free society. He added that he wants to send a message to the assembly by electing good people.

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