Mosquitoes take over Siliguri! How will the Municipal Corporation tackle the menace?

Siliguri, 17th March: Mosquito populations have increased significantly wreaking havoc in the city over the past several days. With the advent of warmer weather, people spend more time outdoors; hence their likelihood of being exposed to mosquitoes also increases. Whether it is at home or shop, the terror of mosquitoes has inflated everyplace.
Residents of various wards are fearing the return of various mosquito-borne diseases including the Zika virus, dengue, and malaria. They have appealed to the Siliguri Municipal Corporation to contain the outbreak of mosquitoes. Abhishek Guha Roy, resident of Ward No. 24 also expressed concerns and urged all to take measures to protect themselves and their loved ones from mosquitoes. 
Meanwhile, Siliguri Municipal Corporation Chairman Pratul Chakraborty said that steps have already been taken by the corporation in this regard. He said that the SMC is well aware of the issue and since March 14, has been taking the help of scientific measures to destroy the mosquito larvae. “The Municipal Corporation will solve this problem as soon as possible,” he further assured.

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