Monsoon rain flood many areas in Kharibari block near Indo-Nepal border

Kharibari, 20th July: After heavy downpour lashed North Bengal since last night, flood-like situation was witnessed in the Kharibari block adjacent to the Indo-Nepal border area.

Reportedly, Dangujote and many other surrounding areas of the block have been waterlogged. Several people are left stranded and helpless as the rain entered residential areas too.

Chandan Mandal, a resident of Dangujote, stated that they are already struggling to ends meet because of the pandemic and now the continuous rainfall has further enhanced their difficulties.

Meanwhile, locals complained that every year, they are compelled to deal with water-logging with the advent of monsoon and the problem concerning rainwater accumulation persists due to the poor drainage system in the area. Besides, vehicular movement was halted as roads were clogged due to heavy rainfall.

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