MLA Neeraj Zimba provide financial assistance to cancer patient in Mirik

Mirik, 01st May: Darjeeling MLA Neeraj Zimba extended financial assistance to Rame Rai, a resident of Kharbani suffering from cancer, under GNLF Soureni Panighatta Samasti. According to reports, Rame Rai is currently undergoing treatment for cancer and his family was facing financial difficulties. Mahendra Khadka, Chairman of GNLF Mirik Branch Committee, had written to the MLA seeking help for the family.

In response to the plea, MLA Neeraj Zimba provided financial aid to Rame Rai, which was handed over to him. Deepak Gajmer, secretary of the organization, expressed gratitude to MLA Zimba for his financial support on behalf of the family and the area.

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