Missing minor with hearing impairment reunited with family with help of Siliguri Traffic Police

Siliguri, 03rd June: A minor with a hearing impairment from Chandmani in Matigara, who had been missing since Friday afternoon, has been successfully reunited with her family, thanks to the timely assistance of the Siliguri traffic police. The collaboration between law enforcement and a dedicated social worker played a crucial role in ensuring the safe return of the minor.

On Friday evening, traffic police personnel stationed at Naukaghat More noticed the minor wandering aimlessly and approached her. Realizing that she had a hearing loss and was nonverbal, the officers sprang into action. They immediately contacted social worker Munmun Sarkar, who initiated a live broadcast on various social media platforms to raise awareness about the missing minor.

Following the live stream, the minor was taken to the NJP police station, where her location was communicated to her concerned relatives. The news quickly reached her household, prompting her worried mother and grandmother to rush to the police station around 10:30 pm. After completing the necessary procedures, the police joyfully handed over the minor to her relieved family members.

Although grateful for the safe return of their child, the mother expressed concerns about her daughter’s future and appealed for assistance from the public. In response to her plea, social worker Munmun Sarkar has offered reassurance and pledged ongoing support to the family.

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