Man killed by speeding truck in Siliguri, angry mob sets truck on fire

Siliguri, 02nd September: A tragic incident unfolded on Friday night when a young man lost his life due to the reckless driving of a truck driver near Ambikanagar Bazar, adjacent to the New Jalpaiguri (NJP) police station. The incident has left the local community deeply distraught, as they claim that despite a series of similar fatalities, no firm action has been taken against careless truck drivers. In response to this negligence, a furious mob set the involved truck on fire. The victim has been identified as Ajit Karmakar.

According to reports, Ajit, a family man with a wife and child, was sitting on a two-wheeler parked near Ambikanagar Bazar and the NJP police station on Friday night. Tragedy struck when a speeding truck, laden with sand, suddenly appeared and collided with Ajit’s vehicle. The impact of the collision was fatal, crushing Ajit beneath the truck’s wheels, and he succumbed to his injuries on the spot. NJP police station authorities swiftly responded to the scene.

The incident bears a grim resemblance to a previous accident a few months ago, in which a reckless tanker vehicle claimed the lives of a mother and her daughter near the Railway Hospital. The mother had been on a bicycle, picking up her daughter from school when the tragedy occurred. Additionally, another incident from the previous year involved a young man who lost his life in a collision with a truck near Ambikanagar.

In light of this string of accidents, the local community, including business owners and residents, expressed their growing frustration over the ongoing problem of reckless truck driving. Their anger and disappointment deepened when they perceived a lack of stern action against the drivers. The recent incident prompted a violent reaction, with locals setting the truck ablaze in protest.

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