Man beheads wife on suspicion of illicit relationship: Dismembered body recovered from canal in Siliguri

Siliguri, 06th January: As details of the grisly murder of Shraddha Walker in Delhi, sent shock waves across the country, a similar case has come to the fore from Siliguri’s Phansidewa. A man killed his wife over suspicion of an illicit affair and dismembered the body into two pieces before dumping them into the canal. While police arrested the accused, a search was on to trace the body parts of the woman. However, with constant efforts of the disaster management team the torso and the head of the victim Renuka Khatoon have been finally recovered from the canal.



Renuka Khatoon, a resident of Dadabhai Colony under Ward No. 43 of Siliguri, went missing on December 24. But the real reason behind Renuka Khatoon’s disappearance came to the fore after about 12 days when her husband MD Ansarul confessed to this crime during interrogation on Wednesday night. According to him, on December 24, he had taken his wife to Phansidewa for a walk. On seeing the opportunity, he attacked Renuka with a knife and beheaded her in the adjacent area of Gwoltuli More. Later, the torso and head were thrown into the canal after putting them in two different sacks. 


After this, on Thursday, the disaster management team started searching for the dead body in the canal. However, no trace of the body was found. Later the canal water was reduced after which a headless body was found in a sack on Friday morning. After this the disaster management team recovered the dead body and took it to Phansidewa police station. Later the head was also found in a sack some distance away. Meanwhile, on producing accused Mohammad Ansarul in Siliguri court on Thursday, the judge directed to keep him on police remand for 14 days for further investigation.

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