Maa Canteen commences in Siliguri District Hospital, one can avail of a complete meal only for Rs 5

Siliguri, 24th November: Several patients are admitted daily in Siliguri District Hospital both from the city and out. Relatives and families of patients face hassle in finding good budget-friendly places for food while they are already under stress with doctors’ appointments and treatments. Although food is available in front of the hospital the prices are quite expensive.

Patients and families do not have to dwell on finding budget-friendly restaurants with the availability of complete meals in the District Hospital for just Rs.5 in the afternoon. The canteen will cater to a complete meal containing basic staple rice, pulses, vegetables, and eggs for Rs 5. Siliguri’s Mayor Goutam Deb inaugurated the Maa Canteen at the Hospital today.

Mayor Goutam Deb, Deputy Mayor Ranjan Sarkar, and Chandan Ghosh, Supervisor of Siliguri District Hospital relished the food prepared in the canteen. During this, the Mayor served free food to the people who were at the Maa Canteen. 

Mayor Goutam Deb said that the Maa canteen will remain open from 1 pm to 3 pm every day. Earlier, the canteen was started by the SMC near NJP and Bagrakot.

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