Luck shines for a worker in Fulbari as he becomes a crorepati overnight

Rajganj, 29th September: Many of us dream to become a crorepati overnight but seldom have we invited such luck. For this, many people adopt many methods and choose different shortcuts to reach such goals. While some work hard, there are some whose luck shines that they become crorepati overnight.  

People believing in luck sometimes manifest it in their lives by winning. Such luck has made a dream of a worker come true. A worker named Runu Sheikh, a resident of Milki village under English Bazar police station area of Malda district. He had bought a lottery ticket worth Rs 30 just to test his luck. But to his surprise, Runu Sheikh won not a small amount but one crore rupee through this lottery. He had been living in Fulbari due to his work commitments. 

According to the information, he works in a factory in Chaturagach village under Fulbari. Runu Sheikh has a family of a wife and two children at home. On Wednesday evening, Runu Sheikh’s life changed when he won a crore of rupees with a lottery of Rs 30 that he had bought. He became a crorepati overnight completely taking a turn in his life. 

Runu Sheikh said that this is the first time he won a lottery as he used to buy many lotteries before but his luck never shined. He also expressed his happiness and pleasure with the money he won. He further said that he would. build a house as well as deposit the money for his daughter’s wedding to celebrate with pomp. He was later brought to the New Jalpaiguri police station under security.

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