Lockdown adhered to in the Hills and tea gardens, ineffective on the plains: Central Team

Siliguri, 30th April: A five-member team of the Union Home Ministry, which is on a tour of 3 districts of North Bengal, Darjeeling, Kalimpong and Jalpaiguri district, has commenced the preparation of the report on the tenth day of their visit. This report will be submitted to the Union Ministry of Home Affairs.

It is to be noted that the team reached Siliguri on April 20. The sources said that the situation of lockdown on the Hills was better than Siliguri and Jalpaiguri. The Central Team maintained that the lockdown in Siliguri was not being followed properly.

The report mentions people triple riding on the motorbikes without wearing helmets and masks amid the lockdown. Unfettered normal movement continues in the Containment Zone.

It further claims that the police administration has completely failed to follow the lockdown protocols. However, the team members in their report stated that the situation in the tea gardens is likely to improve.

Pressure on the North Medical College-Hospital by patients coming from many districts was also emphasised on the report. It further stated that the medical service available in the NBMCH is far less in comparison to the number of patients. Hence, the medical service system must be strengthened immediately, the report added.

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