Locals demand immediate restoration of dilapidated road in Fulbari’s Putimari

Fulbari, 05th February: The locals of the Putimari area of Fulbari demanded the restoration of a dilapidated road. The demand came following the dilapidated condition of the road for a prolonged period which posed immense hardships for the area residents. The uncontrolled presence of a cloud of dust added to their miseries.

As per reports, about a 1.5-kilometer area of the road from Putimari Jagannath Temple to Balaram Haat Bridge under Fulbari II Gram Panchayat has been in a dilapidated condition for a long time. Significantly, thousands of people commute the said road every day. However, due to its distorted condition accidents occur frequently. This prompted the locals to demand immediate road repair.

In this regard, Fulbari II Gram Panchayat Upa pradhan Kishore Chandra Roy stated that the road is in bad condition. He added that the paved road was constructed by the North Bengal Development Department several years ago. Further, he stated that the road would be repaired after raising the matter with the higher officials.

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