Kisaan Khet Mazdoor TMC Committee staged protest against various policies of the central government

Rajganj, 16th September: The State Tourism Minister Goutam Deb staged a protest against various policies of the central government and the hike in prices of fertilizers and seeds.

On Wednesday, the Fulbari block Kisaan Khet Mazdoor Trinamool Congress Committee staged a protest in the Kalingini area of ​​Rajganj block Fulbari No. 2 Gram Panchayat area.

In this context, Deb stated that demonstrations are being staged across the state today to protest against the anti-people policy of the Centre. He further condemned the increase in prices of fertilizers, seeds, petrol, and diesel.

Jalpaiguri District Education Officer Debashish Pramanik, Fulbari 2 Gram Panchayat Pradhan Dilip Roy, Anchal President Rabiul Karim, and many others were present during the demonstration programme.

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