Journalists offered money to not cover news on illegal call centre in Ward No. 13

Siliguri, 07th October: After speculations regarding various friendship clubs and illegal call centres being run across the city surfaced, Siliguri Times has been continuously covering reports on such hubs to bring out the truth.

Likewise, several media personnel and locals visited an alleged call centre in Ward No. 13 Udham Singh Sarani today. What came as a shock was when some people, running the illicit business, offered money to the journalists to not cover the news.

Reportedly, several young women were sighted stepping out of the said residence this morning. Sources say several youths frequently visited the house. When the whole matter was reported to the police, the police denied taking any action since no complaint has been lodged in this regard so far.

Ward Coordinator Manik Dey, No. 13 stated that the ward residents have been repeatedly asked to not allow any tenants stay without proper documents. He assured to discuss the matter with the house owners and look into the matter.

Meanwhile, questions are being raised regarding the role of police administration in this regard. And why did the call center members tried to bribe the journalists if they were carrying out a legal business.

One thought on “Journalists offered money to not cover news on illegal call centre in Ward No. 13

  1. Navin says:

    Despite reporting to the police, if the police says that they can’t act without complaint then they should once again go to police training school and open their law books and rule books and once again understand where they missed out.
    On every such report, the police station must atleast investigate and try to gather some intelligence and ascertain whether it is really illegal or not. But if the police station is sitting down on such reports and not investigating anything, then it means it is bad policing and lazy work.

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