Jalpaiguri District Land Loser Committee protest continues for 10th day

Rajganj, 15th January: The protest staged by the Jalpaiguri District Land Loser Committee demanding employment continues for the tenth day. The protest commenced on January 6 after the agitators shut down the office of the Irrigation Department in Gatebazar, Rajganj. Peculiarly no leaders nor officials have addressed the agitators so far. This had further led the members of the Land Loser Committee to launch a massive agitation. Amidst the protest, a road blockade was also staged.

It is reported that the land was acquired for a government project in the year 1983-84 and the affected people were promised government jobs. Despite this, no jobs have been given to the affected people.

On behalf of the Committee, it has been alleged that instead of a job, only assurances have been provided by the leaders, ministers, and the administration. They further stated that they would continue the agitation until they get the job. Meanwhile, a massive demonstration is scheduled to commence on Thursday.

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