Impact of Siliguri Times' news, ailing toto driver receives help


Siliguri, 19th September: After Siliguri Times published a piece of news, earlier this month, regarding Young Star Club members seeking help for the treatment of an ailing toto driver, many have stepped forward to help him.

It is to recall, Amit Sen Gupta, a 46-year-old toto (e-rickshaw) driver, has been bedridden for the last three months after an accident. He lives in a rented house in Milanpally area in Ward No. 25 of Siliguri Municipal Corporation.

On June 10, Gupta met with an accident where he severely injured one of his legs. After the matter came to light, Milanpally Young Star Club stepped forward to provide aid to him. The club secretaries Gautam Ganguly and Sanjay Kumar Dutta had been looking after Amit Sen since the accident.

The club members sought help from Siliguri Times after they started to run short of money for further treatment of Gupta. Apparently, the duo has spent around 1.71 lakh rupees so far for Gupta's surgery and medicine. According to them, Gupta has to go through one more surgery which will cost around 50-60 thousand rupees.

Numerous people have stepped up to help the needy Amit Sen since the news was published in Siliguri Times. So far, around 20 thousand rupees in cash has been donated for Amit Sen's treatment.

Likewise, Anchit Lal, a postal staff of Siliguri Sushrut Nagar locality, has also promised to help Amit Sen financially and also bear all his household expenses.

Meanwhile, Amit Sen expressed his gratitude towards Young Star Club and Siliguri Times. Young Star Club secretaries Gautam Ganguly and Sanjay Kumar Dutta stated that after the news was published in Siliguri Times, Amit Sen is receiving financial help for his treatment. So far an amount of Rs 20 thousand has been received.

Any individual who seeks to help Amit Sen Gupta can contact in the following number: 98320-41051 / 70019-74772

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