Grand rally organized in Belakoba in support of Trinamool candidate Khageshwar Roy

Rajganj, 04th April: A grand rally was organized in Rajganj Belakoba in support of Rajganj assembly Trinamool candidate Khageshwar Roy, on Sunday.

The candidate marched from Belakoba Battala to Belakoba Public Club ground along with Jalpaiguri District SC/ST/OBC Cell President and Chairman of Rajganj Assembly Election Committee Krishna Das, Rajganj Block President Bidhan Roy, Mosharraf Hussain, and many others.

In this regard, Khageshwar Roy said that the rally was centred on the upcoming elections. He compared himself and Jalpaiguri District SC/ST/OBC Cell President Krishna Das with Mahabharata’s Arjun's and Lord Krishna, He said that just as Lord Krishna was Arjun’s 'sarathy' (charioteer), Krishna Das is his charioteer for this assembly election. Around ten thousand workers participated in the rally today.

He further stated that through this rally, he wants to make it clear to the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) that Mamata Banerjee will be the Chief Minister for the third time and they will definitely win in the Rajganj Assembly.

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