Fulbari’s Paschim Dhantala area inundated, water entered several households

Rajganj, 14th July: Incessant rainfall has resulted in widespread inundation across various areas of Fulbari. Particularly affected is the Paschim Dhantala region, which falls under the jurisdiction of Fulbari-II Gram Panchayat (GP). The residents of Siliguri adjacent to this area are currently grappling with severe issues as floodwaters have entered their households. Since Thursday night, continuous rainfall has led to extensive waterlogging, affecting roads in Paschim Dhantala, Rajib Nagar, and Sipai Para, among other areas.

According to local sources, numerous areas in Fulbari have been submerged. Alongside the flooding, residents face significant challenges in commuting, and water has infiltrated kitchens, causing distress among the affected households. The locals, attributing the recurring waterlogging issue to a subpar drainage system, have called for the establishment of effective drainage infrastructure to mitigate such problems in the future.

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