Flash-floods disrupt traffic between Alipurduar and Falakata due to incessant rainfall

Alipurduar, 16th June: The torrential rain lashing North Bengal has triggered a critical flood-like situation, causing traffic disruptions in various regions, including the Falakata block of Alipurduar district. Significantly, four Torsha diversions are submerged under the waters.

According to reports, the flooding has resulted in a halt in communication between Alipurduar and Falakata. Locals expressed that several commute through the roadway on a daily basis. However, due to the current predicament, the travel and daily routine of residents, drivers, and commuters have been impacted.

In addition to the inundation of Torsha diversions, the diversion of the Sanjay River has also broken down. This situation has disrupted lives and caused widespread distress in the area.

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