Elephant rampage in Kalchini claims life, leaves trail of destruction

Kalchini, 18th May: A tragic incident unfolded in Gopal Bahadur Basti area of Dalsingpara under the Kalchini block when a wild elephant went on a rampage, resulting in the loss of one life and severe damage to houses. The incident has left the villagers gripped with fear and concern.

According to reports, the wild elephant ventured into the Gopal Bahadur Basti area from the Buxa Tiger Reserve forest around 9 pm on Wednesday night. It wreaked havoc by demolishing the residents’ areca plantations. During the chaos, Shyam Bahadur Sarki, a local resident, ventured outside his house and was brutally attacked by the elephant, leaving him critically injured.

Prompt action was taken by the villagers and forest personnel who swiftly came to Shyam Bahadur’s rescue. He was immediately rushed to Latabari Rural Hospital and later referred to Alipurduar District Hospital. Tragically, Shyam Bahadur succumbed to his injuries this morning. In addition to the loss of life, the marauding elephant targeted the homes of three labourers in the Madhu tea estate of the Kalchini block. The houses were extensively damaged, and the stored food items were destroyed in the process.

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