Drinking water crisis plagues Akarigach village despite government pipeline installation

Rajganj, 13th May: Residents of Akarigach village in Binnaguri Gram Panchayat, Rajganj, are grappling with a severe drinking water problem, as water fails to flow through the newly installed pipeline despite its installation by the government a year ago. This has affected hundreds of families in the village, leaving them without access to a reliable water supply.

According to the villagers, the government had laid water pipes in every household about a year ago with the aim of providing drinking water. Initially, water was available for a brief period, but for the past eight months, the supply has been nonexistent. With the arrival of summer, residents are experiencing heightened difficulties due to the scarcity of water. As a temporary solution, they have resorted to fetching water from wells located in other households. Expressing their concerns, the residents have urged the authorities to take immediate action and resolve the water crisis. 

Responding to these concerns, Shashi Chandra Barman, the head of Binnaguri Gram Panchayat, stated that arrangements have been made for water supply in the village, but there may be some unforeseen reasons for the current closure. Assuring the villagers, Barman affirmed that efforts would be made to rectify the situation promptly and ensure the availability of water in the affected area.

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