Devotees end Chhat Puja by offering prayers to the sun at Haripur Chhat Ghat in Fulbari

Fulbari, 20th November: On the auspicious occasion of Chhat Puja, a massive crowd of devotees were witnessed worshipping at the Haripur Chhat ghat in Fulbari.

According to reports, large groups of worshippers had flocked to various Chhat ghats in Siliguri and were engaged in the traditional rituals from the early hours of Sunday. During the four-day festival, worshippers observe a fast excluding water and pray for the long life and health of their children. In regard to the occasion, the Chhat Ghat in Haripur of Fulbari-I Gram Panchayat located adjacent to Siliguri could be seen brimming with a large number of devotees.

On this day, thousands of devotees gather at Chhat Ghats to offer their prayers. Many visit the Chhat Ghat and perform the customary ritual of “Dandi Kata” in hopes that their wishes will come true. At the end of the Chhat Mahaparva, worshippers presented several offerings to the rising sun.

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