Crowds in public meetings, rallies may increase COVID-19 cases: Dr Bidyut Biswas

Siliguri, 06th April: Assembly elections are currently underway in West Bengal due to which large gatherings for public meetings and electioneering can be seen.

While the COVID-19 protocol is not being followed, concerns regarding the increase in corona cases in the state is increasing. In this context, Dr Bidyut Biswas of Raiganj Medical College will be knocking on the doors of the court.

While addressing the press conference held in Siliguri's Journalist Club, Dr Bidyut Biswas stated that the number of corona infections is increasing in the country as well as in the state. He fears that the spread of COVID-19 infection will intensify due to large public meetings and rallies. He further informed that neither corona protocols nor social distance are being followed. Given this, they are now going to knock on the door of the court through Public Interest Litigation (PIL) to postpone the elections in the state.

They will appeal to either postpone the elections or halt the election campaigns or conduct polling under strict surveillance.

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