Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee held a virtual meeting with Puja Committees

Siliguri, 22nd August: Chief Minister Banerjee held a virtual meeting regarding the puja committees. The meeting was attended by various puja committees, police and administrative officials were also present.  The widely celebrated and the most awaited Bengal festival Durga Puja has also been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

During the virtual meeting, the CM also talked and discussed celebrating the Durga Utsav with great pomp since this year they have been recognized by UNESCO. During this, Siliguri Mayor Goutam Deb, Municipal Corporation officials, and police administration officials were present. Everyone expressed their opinion through a virtual discussion. The Chief Minister appealed to the people from all castes and religions to attend the puja. After the virtual meeting, Mayor Goutam Deb said that this time Durga Puja will commence on September 01 with a grand procession all over the city.

The UNESCO will also be honored through the processions that will be taken out in all the districts of Bengal. CM has also granted a sum of Rs 60,000 to the puja committees and the organizers. Apart from this, a carnival will be organized in Siliguri on 07 October. The announcement in the virtual meet has left everyone with happiness as it is multiplied even more due to the recent addition of the Puja to UNESCO’s list. The Siliguri organizers and the attendees were seen thanking and showing gratitude towards the CM for a generous amount of grants and the decision to organize the Puja with pomp and grandeur.

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