Burglars sprayed chloroform in residence before executing crime in Siliguri, investigation underway

Siliguri, 23rd February: A new burglary case has surfaced from Siliguri’s Ward No. 31 Shaktigarh area where thieves targetted a house with a new method. 

The notorious thieves first rendered all the members of the house unconscious by spraying chloroform. When all the people of the house lost consciousness, the thieves easily carried out their plans of burglary. The miscreants got away with mobile phones and cash. 

Reportedly, the burglary took place on Wednesday night at the house of Ranjan Paul, a resident of Road No. 11, Shaktigarh. When one of the members gained consciousness early this morning, he found the door of the house open. He grew suspicious and looked around the house and soon realized that the mobile phone and cash were missing. He asserted that the miscreants must have sprayed chloroform into the house by breaking the windowpane and carried out the theft by rendering everyone unconscious. He added that everyone has been complaining of headaches and the pet dog of the house is also vomiting since morning. 

At present, a written complaint has been lodged in this regard at NJP police station. On the basis of the complaint, the police have started investigating the entire incident. Paul’s relatives said that incidents of theft have been happening in the area for a few days.

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