Absence of bridge over the Jorapani River worries locals of Rajganj

Rajganj, 15th February: Residents of Fulbari No. 1 Gram Panchayat have been demanding the construction of a bridge over the Jorapani river in Ambika Nagar Nichpara for a long time. It has been alleged that the local administration had assured to construct a bridge, several times, but the construction of the bridge has not yet commenced.
This is an important link for people of the area who work at the factories situated across the river. Due to the absence of the bridge, people are forced to cross the river on foot and risk their lives every single day. In addition to this, the locals complained that during the monsoons, when the river water level rises, they have to take a circuitous road to reach their workplace. Based on this, the locals have demanded the construction of a bridge over the river at the earliest.
According to the Jalpaiguri Zilla Parishad (District Council) member Debashish Pramanik, developmental work is underway in the area and an attempt will be made to convey the project to the North Bengal Development Office for the construction of the bridge.

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